Works 1977 -

Snow, Andersonstown 1978
Oil on Board 14x18 inches,
View towards Windsor Park 1979
Oil on Canvas 26x36 inches
Morning outside Cuenca, Spain, 1985
Watercolour 8x12 inches
Near Toledo, Spain 1985
Oil on Board 12x16 inches
Afternoon outside Cuenca, Spain, 1985
Oil on Board 12x16 inches
Outside Cuenca, Spain 1986
Oil on Canvas 48x60 inches
After Rain, Portstewart Strand 1986
Oil on Canvas 24x26 inches
View towards Boathouses, Bangor 1987
Oil on Canvas 16x20 inches
Trees in Winter, Lady Dixon Park 2015
Charcoal on Paper 23.5x23.5 inches
Studio, Winter Sunshine 2015
Oil on Canvas 42x32 inches
The Studio, Evening Light 2015
Oil on Canvas 28x32 inches
Hilden Mill, View from across the Lagan 2016
Charcoal on Paper 26.5x20 inches
Hilden Mill, Late Afternoon 2015
Charcoal on Paper 23x33 inches
Hilden Mill 2016
Charcoal on Paper 15.5x18.5 inches
Trees in Winter, Lambeg 2016
Charcoal on Paper 23x33 inches
Magnolia Tree 2016
Charcoal on Paper 23x33 inches
Una, Ballyhome Beach 2012
Pastel Painting on Paper 15.5x18.5 inches
Morning, view towards Boucher Road 1978
Oil on canvas
Morning Light 1977
Oil on canvas